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BPA-240 Ministry Prep I

A study on the three (3) basics of Christian preparation for Ministry including: Having a Proper Attitude, Motivational Gifts, and the Ministry of Helps.

- Reading Required:  “Attitude of a Servant” by Michael Landstrum, “Know Your Ministry” by Marilyn Hickey, and/or “Ministry of Helps” by Rev. Buddy Bell.

BPA-260 Church Gov’t. I

Armorbearer, Awareness of Church Government including a study of the various types of Church Government, such as the Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Congregational, and Independent

- Reading Required: “God’s Armorbearer I” and God’s Armorbearer II” by Terry Nance.

BPA-222 Faith II

An in-depth introductory study of faith.  A look at Biblical Faith.

- Reading Required:  School Administrator Choice.

BTH-222 Believer’s Righteousness

An in-depth look at righteousness, its impartation and imputation to the Believer’s account.

- Reading Required:  School Administrator Chooses Books.

BOT-232 O. T. Studies II (Historical)

A study of the Historical Books of the Old Testament, from the Book of Joshua through Esther.  The background and structure of each book is examined.

- Reading Required:  “The Historical Books” by L. Thomas Holdcroft and/or “Through the Bible Book by Book” by Myer Pearlman.

BNT-215 General Epistles

A basic study of the General Epistles which includes James, I & II Peter, I, II, III John and Jude.

- Reading Required:  “Through the Bible Book by Book” by Myer Pearlman and/or Administrator Chooses Books.

BNT-214 The Gospels

A study of the four Gospels, paying special attention to the style and approach of each writer.

- Reading Required:  “Life and Teachings of Christ” 3 book set by Gordon Lindsey

BTH-232 Systematic Theology II

A continuation of Systematic Theology I, studying Angelology, Demonology, Anthropology and Christology.

- Reading Required:  See list for S.T. I

BOT-230 O. T. People of Faith

A study of the men and women of the Old Testament who were outstanding in their faith

- Reading Required:  Commentary and Administrators Choice.

BPA-232 Believer’s Authority

A study of the legal authority of a child of God.

- Reading Required:  Administrator Choice.

BTH-241 Intro to Bible Theology I

An introduction to Biblical Theology and Doctrine.

- Reading Required:  Administrator Choice.

BTH-252 Intro to Bible Theology II

A continuation of the study in Bible Theology.

- Reading Required:  Administrator Choice.

BTH-270 Holy Spiirit

A Biblical examination of the Person, Works, Gifts and Ministry of the Holy Spirit.

- Reading Required:  Administrator Choice.


This institution is not recognized by the Ohio or any Board of Regents, but is strictly theological in nature. Therefore, no liberal arts are required. Job placement is not guaranteed or implied.

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